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Tips for fighting golf slowness

The main factor that spoils the impression of golf is its slowness. It plays on the nerves and leads to irritability, which negatively affects the concentration of attention and crush all the fun of the game, the sunny weather and beautiful green field.

Slow pace golf is a bad habit for golfers whose skills have not been honed on a thorough level. Therefore, it should be noted that this error can be corrected, if desired, of course.

The analysis of several games has shown some regularities to which we want to draw your attention. However, do not judge us too strictly: the recommendations are not created to hurry you, but to improve the rhythm of the game and the general mood, both players and the audience. Our tips will help you adjust the rules and principles of the game according to the established etiquette.

Wishes to increase the tempo of the game:

  • When playing as a group, do not move around the field all together. Each athlete controls his or her own ball, this will save time.
  • Spend the game on platforms according to your game level. The transition to the next stage should be accompanied by passing through and mastering the previous level. For example, you are a player on small fields, then you should not switch to long distances, which will only add the number of kicks.
  • On the way to the ball, visualise the next kick, the tactics with the correct selection of the club, and it is also worth to determine the distance and obstacles on this section of the field.
  • When using one kick for two players, determine the order of action. The best option is to land the first athlete near the necessary hole with the equipment, and the second one to follow to his ball. After the kick is taken, the first athlete can safely head for the car while the second player takes the kick.
  • In the case of a loss of the golf ball or a drop-out, a player may exercise the right to enter a temporary ball to save time.
  • Conversations also drag the game into play. If you are a conversationalist, there is a way out – you must break away from the conversations, take the kick and continue the conversation in a couple of seconds.
  • Consider a strategy and the possibility of hitting in the direction of the hole, when the moment comes, you will execute it immediately.
  • If you move around the field with the help of the kick, you should bring a few clubs of different types and you will not need to go back to the car for the club.
  • Do not forget about the rules for parking the karaoke: do not set the front, side or behind the green. However, the notes in the card should be done on the next launch platform, so as not to create traffic near the hole.

These small tips will save time and nerves for you and other players.

Golf school

Professional Instruction for all ages and skill levels.

The Island Golf School located on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina offers the finest of golf learning opportunities, administered by qualified and experienced Teaching Professionals and conducted at world-class resorts, Palmetto Hall Golf Club, Shipyard Golf Club and Port Royal Golf Club.

We offer a variety of different programs to fit your schedule and needs. Unlike most golf schools, The Island Golf Schools takes the student on the golf course every day to reinforce the instruction from the morning. This program is vital for the student to apply the swing thoughts they focused on during the morning session and take it to the golf course. The student plays 18 holes each day on various World-Class Courses while 9 of the holes are played with your Professional. We make sure the student understands course management, etiquette and the “Rules of Golf”.

For detailed information on our golf schools, player development programs, junior clinics and private instruction, please visit

The Junior Players Golf Academy (JPGA), is located on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. We are located at Palmetto Hall Golf Club in Palmetto Hall Plantation, a first-class facility with 36 holes designed by Arthur Hills and Robert Cupp.

Our junior golf camps are geared for all ages and skill levels. We cover all aspects of the game. Extensive video analysis is used to help students understand their golf swing and enhance their overall fundamentals.

The Junior Players Golf Academy offers camps during the summer months, the holiday season and spring break.

In addition, the JPGA provides custom programs throughout the year.

Please contact visit for more information.

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